We are proud of the quality of our products and guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of all products that were purchased at www.hellyhansen.ru. So that you can wear HELLY HANSEN products for a long time and it retained its original appearance, you must follow the care instructions.

Care instructions for clothes

HELLY TECH® Membrane Material Product

Washing temperature: max 40 ° C

Care products: Special detergents for membrane and breathable materials (sold in sports stores). You can also use liquid detergents. Never use dry detergents, they block the pores of the membranes, after which the product loses its breathable properties.

Laundry Conditioner: Not recommended

Drying: Not recommended.

Impregnation: Means intended only for membrane, breathable materials. The result will be better if applied to a damp product.

Frequency of impregnation: After every 6 -10 soaks (washings). It is recommended to impregnate after the product ceases to repel water.



Washing temperature: max 30 ° C

Care product: A product specially designed for fluff (sold in sports stores). Do not use a large amount of liquid detergent.

Conditioner for laundry: Not recommended.

Drying: Clothes with down filling are dried after each wash. Dry at mild temperatures, for 6-7 hours (depending on the size of the product). When mechanically drying, it is necessary to use tennis balls that will whip the down filler during drying. Clothes with a heavy and dense outer layer are dried inside out, which allows the filler to dry completely. Before using the product for its intended purpose, make sure it is completely dry.

LIFA® (thermal underwear)

Washing temperature: WARM: max 30 ° C, DRY: max 60 ° C, COOL and ONE: max 40 ° C

Wipe inside out.

Care Products: Only liquid detergents. Wool detergents can only be used with WARM.

Conditioner for laundry: Not recommended.

Drying: Only natural drying. Do not use mechanical drying.

Shoe care instructions

  • Clean shoes from dirt and dust with a soft damp cloth or brush
  • Wash shoes in water using special shoe care detergents
  • Dry shoes can be dried only at room temperature, in the distance of heaters, heat sources, avoiding direct sunlight, pre-stuffing it with thin paper
  • Wear shoes with a special spoon, remove without stepping on the back;
  • When using footwear, seasonality must be taken into account. It is not recommended to wear shoes with leather soles and shoes made of textile materials and suede or velor in rainy weather. Avoid exposure to shoes acids, alkalis, anti-ice reagents. The stains on the shoes, which are caused by acids, alkalis, anti-ice reagents, as well as changes in the color of the top of the shoes when water gets on it, can not be grounds for making claims to the manufacturer. Tightening of laces can lead to rupture of the skin and bindings.

Shoe care in synthetic materials:

  • Clean shoes from synthetic materials with a soft or silicone sponge using a special foam or shampoo. Shoes often exposed to rain or snow must be treated with water repellent before use;
  • Shoes made of synthetic materials do not require the use of shoe cream

Caring for shoes from genuine leather:

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth after each socks
  • Apply protective cream only after the shoes have dried. Shoe polish must match the top material and absorb well;

Shoe, suede and nubuck footwear care:

  • Clean the velor, nubuck and suede only in a dry condition. For cleaning from dirt and dust, use special brushes and an eraser;
  • It is recommended to impregnate new shoes with protective agents, and periodically repeat impregnation

Care of footwear from textiles:

  • Clean the textile shoes from dust and dirt with special sprays, shampoos and brushes;
  • Impregnate new shoes with protective textiles and periodically repeat impregnation after cleaning shoes.