About Us

Welcome to WELLSPRING!

Two years ago, thanks to a lucky coincidence, I discovered the wonderful world of yachting. It was a new exciting hobby that completely filled all my free time. In 2015, with a team of like-minded people, I first arrived in Croatia to participate in the regatta. It is a beautiful country with an unforgettable nature and magnificent infrastructure. Now I often go here. In Croatia, there are a lot of quality regattas. And our team regularly takes part in the best of them. During the races, I faced one significant problem: for me, as for a yachtsman, there was no possibility of a convenient purchase of yachting goods because of the lack of shops with professional equipment in the proper assortment. All the most insignificant accessories I had to bring with me. There were occasions when gloves fell into disrepair, clothing collapsed, caps flew off, or unexpectedly in the summer rubber, yachting boots were required, but I could not make up for a comfortable and convenient outfit for me on the spot.

That time I had an idea to open my first store in this sunny country.

I studied a lot of sport markets, presented in Croatia. It turned out that along with the growing popularity of this region, both for yachtsmen and for other tourists who prefer to spend time dynamically, there is no shopping infrastructure for outdoor activities and sports.

I did not have to choose the manufacturer for a long time. The HellyHansen brand has been known to me for a very long time. For many years of practical application, the personal attitude to it has developed as a technological, comfortable, fashionable and durable clothes. During the sailing competitions we with the team conduct a test of the entire HellyHansen range of yacht equipment, use HH clothes in everyday life and are very satisfied with the result. Negotiations were held with HellyHansen, after which we concluded a bilateral cooperation agreement.

As a result, Wellspring was established. In April 2017 our first store in Split was opened. In the summer of 2017 we prepared for the opening of the second store in Sukosanah, directly opposite the entrance to the marina "Dalmatia", and in the autumn this shop opened its doors for buyers.

Wellspring's goals are ambitious, and we plan to open at least 10 best goods stores from HellyHansen in Croatia in the next 3 years.

We strive to introduce you to the culture of the HellyHansen brand with its high technologies introduced into the everyday life of ordinary people who spend their time actively, athletes, yachtsmen, provide you with unique products in a wide range with excellent service and quality assurance that you will appreciate. We did not ignore all sports fans and just an active lifestyle. In addition to specialized sailing clothes and accessories for yachtsmen, the line includes products for outdoor activities and daily life. In the system of on-line order you can familiarize yourself with our full range, learn about the availability of the model you are interested in, its sizes and colors.

We have developed a loyalty program that provides significant discounts and pleasant surprises from Wellspring for you. We are confident that our communication will be pleasant and comfortable both for you and for us. We very much hope that our full information support by means of participation in exhibitions, regattas, on the Internet will help you to easily navigate the world of new trends and technologies. We want your holiday to be accompanied only by pleasant emotions in comfortable quality clothes, purchased at an optimal price without the hassle.

And we are sure that over time, we will become partners and friends, because we are united by common aspirations: to catch a fair wind, live with a dream and reach the impossible!

From the heart,
Your Wellspring and MikhailSementsov